Jan in Florida

Thank you Carmen. What a wonderful soul you are to give so much. Your readings are so spot on you must have a very strong connection with Spirit. The energy work you've done with me and my family has been nothing short of incredible!

Thank you again for all the help you've given and all the love you share.  - Jan in Florida

Cassie S

I came to see Carmen for hypnosis to help with Weight Loss. While under hypnosis I felt safe, calmed and attended to. She listened to what my concerns were, my habits and my goals and incorporated them into my sessions. I have been more conscious of my habits and I feel like I am moving onto wellness naturally instead of it being forced.

Lauren W.

Carmen is a truly compassionate intuitive healer and reader whose work is guided by Spirit.  I have always been impressed with her passion and integrity and have had the pleasure of receiving both readings and Reiki from her with amazing results.  Her communication of the messages are always meaningful and direct.  Carmen also consistently channels immense healing energy and allows herself to be guided for the highest good of her clients.  I consider her a true Light and Blessing in a world that dearly needs them.


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