Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Clinical Definition: A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Healer Definition: the "Rei" part of the name being translated as "Universal" (though some do explain that in essence, it refers, more properly, to something Spiritual or Sacred, and can mean "Soul"), and "Ki", translated simply as "Life-Force Energy" (though a few mention that it also implies 'Spiritedness', 'Feelings', or the effect of energy in action.)

Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help alleviate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. It is a way to ‘tune-up’ your energy to it’s healthiest state allowing for healing to take place. Reiki is a gentle and safe healing practice that is geared towards removing any energy blocks in our system caused by emotional, mental or physical stress and pain. During a Reiki Session a practitioner places his or her hands on the client with the intention of the Reiki Energy to flow. This Reiki energy, also known as the Universal Life Force Energy, is not the practitioner's energy. It is a divinely guided energy that knows exactly where the blocks are and pushes them out as well as fills up the energy gas tanks wherever you are low in energy. And because Reiki does not use the practitioner's energy it is safe for both the practitioner as well as the Reiki recipient. You do not run the risk of absorbing the practitioner's energy and vice versa. During a session a person may feel heat, tingling or cooling sensations as blocks are removed. Most all clients get to a deep state of peace and relaxation during a session. 

Reiki Philosophy 

Reiki philosophy is based on the body's ability to heal itself naturally once energy blocks are removed. Reiki is not tied to any religion or a particular spiritual belief system and can never cause harm

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression was first used by Dr. Pierre Janet in Paris in the 1890’s. Dr. Janet collaborated with Sigmund Freud, experimenting with past life regression as a therapeutic tool.  

The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association says that Past Life Regression allows us to see beyond the confusion and illusions of this life and brings about a healing of the past life that resonates into our present life.  A Past Life Experience is the physical act of taking a client back to revisit their past lives through the use of hypnotherapy.  In a Past Life Experience, the spirit realms are experienced in the “eternal now”.  This is an altered state of awareness where the client finds it easy to communicate intuitively with the souls of other past life characters and their spirit guide.

Past Life Regression is the key to unlocking our oldest memories.  Have you ever wondered if you've lived before?  Perhaps you've experienced strong feelings of knowing someone you've only just met,  Maybe you have felt a strong connection to a place you've never been to or even arrived somewhere for the first time and instinctively felt as though you'd been there before although you knew you hadn't... not in this lifetime anyway.  Through Past Life Regression you can discover the answers along with so much more.

Regression is a technique commonly used in hypnotherapy to find the underlying cause of some problem that a client wants resolved. Under hypnosis, the client is taken back in his or her present life to a situation or event in the past. Often this is a traumatic event which so affected the client at the time that it has had a debilitating affect on that person ever since. When this event or situation is found, the therapist and the client work together to change or re-frame the trauma experienced in the past, so that it can no longer detrimentally affect the client when therapy is successfully concluded.

Connecting to Spirit

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