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My name is Carmen and I am many things. I am an Intuitive/Medium and Healer, Reiki Master and Certified Consulting Hypnotist (specializing in Weight Loss, Healing Childhood Trauma, Past Life Regression and Self Esteem/Self Confidence for Women).

Recently, Spirit has shown me the gift of Spiritual Liaison. Through them, I am able to help those who are ill, prepare for their transition to the other side (primarily when Hospice comes in-I am called). I clear/cleanse the home and person, as well as set up a protective grid. If it is necessary, I will help those close, to see the other side. This helps them by taking away that fear of crossing over. Through this, healing for the family is offered as well. 

I have been actively walking my spiritual path for several years now and I have helped many others on their journey. Through readings, Reiki and Past Life Regressions and Spiritual Liaison work, I have helped them find answers to difficult questions, reach loved ones who have crossed over and shared loving, healing energy through Reiki sessions and other healing modalities.

If you are feeling broken, unsure of your path or just need a safe space to heal, I would love the opportunity to support you in your journey.


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